Tom Croce Photography

cropped-smokie-mountains-274.jpgme at RRGI am origionally from Cleveland, Ohio and currently reside in South Western, Ohio. I received my BED Degree from Miami University School of Fine Art in 1984, and in 1987 I earned my Master of Architecture Degree from Washington University. I believe that photography begins with the act of seeing, it is the art of noticing and seeing the beauty in nature and capturing that moment. Through my photography I reach deep inside myself and strive to create environmental portraits that evoke a sense of time and place, that will touch another, inspiring a love and desire to protect the beauty of out natural environment.

Smokie Mountains-268-Edit-3To view my work visit my web site at      Tom Croce Photo

Or call 513-218-1614


4 thoughts on “Tom Croce Photography”

  1. Hi Tom
    Found your blog while looking for help on focus stacking as I have just bought a Panasonic Lumix G85 with 12-40 Olympus Pro lens.
    Your work is beautiful and you are to be admired for sharing you talents and images with us. Would you mind if I show your website and videos to Wollongong Camera Club members later in the year?


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